Assalamu Alaikykum brothers and sisters! May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you always.

Allah Kareem

We are forever grateful for all the generosity we have received from our community and the Ummah (as well as the kind donations of local organizations) and as a community we have prayed to Allah and thanked Him for the bounties He has given us as individuals, as a community, and at the Tri-State Islamic Center, alhamdulillah. Allah Kareem.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t build the Ummah in a day either, alhamdulillah. He began delivering the Message of Allah to one person at a time, giving them a miraculous gift, from one kindred soul to another; and in time, the Islamic movement grew, alhamdulillah, and the Ummah was born to worship Allah alone as our Lord.

Likewise, the Tri-State Islamic Center also wasn’t built overnight, alhamdulillah. And we strive to welcome worshippers one person at a time, and as a community, and as part of the Ummah, to worship Allah alone as our Lord.

We believe that Allah rewards those who are steadfast in serving His cause, and that He rewards those who are patient in awaiting His reward. We praise Allah for His guidance, and humbly ask our community, and the Ummah to help build our community, and our mosque one project at a time, inshaAllah…

Current Project:
Constructing an Adequately Sized Parking Lot

Our current project at the Tri-State Islamic Center is to extend our current parking lot so that our existing members can park their vehicle on the Tri-State Islamic Center property during services, and to comfortably allow new members to visit the mosque and the community for any occasion!

Whether it’s Juma, Eid festivals, or a monthly potluck, we welcome you to join us in praising Allah and spending time with a community of people who believe in the mercy, blessings, and bounty of Allah!

As you will see in the photo gallery below, our current parking space is rather limited, and ultimately inadequate, which causes considerable traffic congestion after services, and little room to allow new members to park at a reasonable distance from the mosque. Currently, we have between 75-150 active members at any point in time, and only enough room at about 10,000 partially accessible square feet to fit about 20-25 vehicles in our parking lot, alhamdulillah.

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But by the mercy of Allah, we do have 14,000 square feet of readily accessible free space that can be used to extend our parking lot!

As you see in the photos above, the Tri-State Islamic Center has plenty of unused space on its own property that can be used to extend our parking lot and allow our existing members to park on TIC property to attend services, and to comfortably welcome new members to the community! And given that the space is much more useful than our current parking space, it can fit vehicles more efficiently! We expect to be able to have an additional 36 vehicles! Combined with our current space, that would allow us to have 55-60 vehicles in our parking lot!

We are still a small community, but we continuously strive to extend our services.

In the meantime, our prayer space, Eids, Sunday school for the children (temporarily closed due to statewide COVID-19 guidelines), weddings, funeral services, and gatherings such as our monthly potluck allow us to feel a blissful sense of community, alhamdulillah where Muslims of all walks of life can come and join the community, and connect with Allah.

Extending our current parking lot will enable our community to grow and extend its services, inshaAllah, in a critical way: it will give us the parking capacity needed to extend our services and welcome more worshippers of Allah.

And it will allow existing members to comfortably park on or near TIC property to attend existing services, like Juma, and to play a role, inshaAllah in helping the community grow inshaAllah.

We appreciate everything you’ve given of your funds and your time to the Tri-State Islamic Center and to the Ummah, and it is with great humility that we ask you for your financial assistance again today, alhamdulillah.

We are looking to extend the parking lot by 14,000 square feet in which we could comfortably fit up to 60 vehicles on the Tri-State Islamic Center property! This is an irreplicable opportunity that we can’t afford to waste to extend our services and grow as a community.

We sincerely believe the unused space we have on TIC property is a gift from Allah, and we want to use it in a way that glorifies Him by enabling our community to grow and for the Tri-State Islamic Center to extend its services!

The Tri-State Islamic Center Parking Lot Expansion Project is going to cost $60,000 inshaAllah, and we are asking for any amount you have to offer as a single, or continuous donation! There are many ways to donate, and we will be collecting donations, inshaAllah until the TIC Parking Lot Expansion Project is completed! InshaAllah

So whether you have a single, or scheduled donation of $5, $50, $500, or if you plan on making an even larger commitment to the Tri-State Islamic Center, and the growth of the Ummah, there are plenty of ways to do that!

We accept checks mailed directly to the Tri-State Islamic Center at 4980 Radford Court in Dubuque, Iowa 52001. You can make the check out to “Tri-State Islamic Center,” and also, on the “for” line of the check, or on a separate piece of paper, please indicate that you are donating to the TIC Parking Lot Expansion Project!

You can also use Paypal using the “donate” button on the top right hand side of this webpage, or by scanning the Paypal barcode right below it!

Just below the Paypal barcode is the Venmo barcode where you can donate through Venmo!

And of course, we can provide a tax credit receipt on all donations.

So please brothers and sisters, donate from what you can to the masjid! Your donations, by the will of Allah, can allow people to pray to Allah, and to connect with Him, and to learn to about His religion of Islam!

And of course, if you have any questions about project specifics, how it will benefit the community, or about how to donate, please contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to answer your questions, inshaAllah as soon as possible!